Conflict and drama can be avoided when we stop trying to convince or talk someone into thinking ,feeling or acting the way we do. We need to respect each other's differences and listen so we can understand others from their point of view. Perhaps we can learn from others and gain empathy. The only person we can change is ourselves. You are your future, choose wisely.

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Each person in a relationship bring their individual challenges, life experiences and family history into their lives which can double the stress and responsibility's. Focusing on controlling your partner or changing your partner to meet your individual needs or circumstances doesn't work it causes conflict. What does work is respecting each others differences even if you don't agree. Be kind to each other and treat each other the way you treat your best friend. When words used start with "you" it starts conflict. Simply state feelings ( not thoughts or critism ) and what you need or want in positive language. At times compromise is possible and needed especially with parenting children. Your on a team together. Embrace your differences in a new light. Learning from each other instead of trying to change each other. Remember to point out what you appreciate about each other daily. Positive breeds positive and bonding.

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