Conflict and drama can be avoided when we stop trying to convince or talk someone into thinking ,feeling or acting the way we do. We need to respect each other's differences and listen so we can understand others from their point of view. Perhaps we can learn from others and gain empathy. The only person we can change is ourselves. You are your future, choose wisely.

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  • Happy New Year
    In the New Year please let go of anger by expressing your feelings and forgiveness. You will feel a new sense of peace and freedom. Give yourself and others the Read more
  • Relationships
    Each person in a relationship bring their individual challenges, life experiences and family history into their lives which can double the stress and responsibility's. Focusing on controlling your partner or Read more
  • Worrying
    Worrying about things we can't control is like driving around in circles and getting no where. If we can take action do what you can control and move on. If Read more
  • Mentally Healthy
    Staying mentally healthy also helps maintain our physical health. Getting rest and a good night sleep, staying hydrated ( 3-4 bottles of 16 ounces of water a day minimum ) Read more
  • Spring has finally sprung
    Spring has finally sprung. Be mindful and use your five senses to live fully and enjoy the changes that are taking place around you. It's a new beginning a fresh Read more
  • Winter Blues
    This time of year when days are shorter and we tend to hibernate in the house due to cold temperatures it's healthy to find ways to keep a positive mindset. Read more
  • How To Live Again After Grief & Loss
    I lost my best friend of 18 years, and perhaps soul mate, after a tragic death. Once the initial shock and extreme pain started to lessen I questioned my own Read more
  • Unplugged
    Worrying is becoming more of an issue with the increase of electronics. Always being plugged in, constantly on the go never shutting down. It's important to unplug on a weekly Read more
  • Being Present
    Mindfulness is being present everyday. To be fully present will prevent you from "Stinking Thinking" about the past or the " What IF"s in the future. Get in tuned to Read more

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